200 ONLF rebels killed in action at Hamaro district.

Somali regional new Police claimed on Wednesday, they had killed more than 200 ONLF members in several areas in the different zone in the Somali regional State [Ogaden] of Ethiopia.

New Police is the first independent para military employed by the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia to take the security of the region is actively working at all in the Somali State regions attempting to eliminate the ONLF in the region.

The new para military has been fought in the region the several rebel groups including ONLF, since then, the security in the region has improved, but still some members of ONLF are hiding in some regions.

Since the beginning in 2009, the new para military of the region killed many members of the ONLF rebel including very important persons, central committee and others are in jail.

The Simi Somali autonomous of Punt land and Somali land cooperated to eliminate Ogaden rebel of ONLF and captured its members several times in autonomous Somali regions and hand over to the Ethiopian security forces.

The latest clash killed ONLF members are Hamaro district in the Nogob zone, higlaley at Degahbur region and riga in the Korahe region all are in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia.

The ONLF has not denied or accepted the Ethiopian claim. ONLF established in 1984 to seek independent of the Ogaden region, and they get training and weapons from the Eritrean government.

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